Interview with Mrs. Briggs

So far the year of 2020 has been crazy. So much stuff has been going on making it really hard to learn and teach at school. Covid-19 is a big reason why. With the coronavirus going around it is not safe for students or teachers to be at school, so it was decided that this school year will be taught online. Of course there will be some difficulties, but we are all trying our best to make it work.

All teachers are trying hard to teach their students but I think that art teachers have to try extra hard. They have it hard because they can’t be next to the students to show them the right way to do their art, or to make sure they are doing it. Because of this, we have decided to interview EO Green’s art teacher, Mrs. Briggs.  

Question 1. How do you feel about teaching over Zoom?

Mrs.Briggs:  Zoom isn’t my favorite way of teaching. I would rather interact with all my students face to face on a daily basis. Considering how we are all at home right now, i’m just glad to see you all over the internet.

Question 2. Do you enjoy distance learning?

Mrs. Briggs: I am learning to enjoy distance learning more each day. I have to say that I have learned so much about technology, and how to change up my teaching since we have started distance learning. Now I am doing videos for many of my lessons. I can see how learning that skill will help me even when we return to school.

Question 3. Is it hard to teach art to students while online?

Mrs.Briggs: Yes! I am so glad I have a document camera. The hardest part is not being able to see students working on their projects. I see the end result, but I don’t see the process. I really miss walking around my classroom and watching creativity happen.

Question 4. Are students doing their work?

Mrs. Briggs: Yes, most of my students are doing their work. 

Question 5.  Are students grasping the concepts?

Mrs. Briggs: Yes, I see my students grasping the concepts really well. The last project that they submitted was amazing. The detail that my students put into their work was outstanding! I can tell they are getting it, and it made me so proud of all of their hard work.

Question 6. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Mrs. Briggs: I was born and raised in Ventura and Ojai. I grew up around lots of animals and art. Those were the two things I truly loved. I still love them both! After getting my teaching credential, I got a job teaching at the elementary level here in Hueneme. I have been teaching in the district ever since. Three years ago I started teaching art at Green. I absolutely love it! When I was younger, I dreamt of  being an art teacher.  Now, I get to do my dream job! Life is really busy at home. I have four kids (all at home doing distance learning), and in July we got a puppy. She is so cute, but she runs the house!  

Question 7. What do you do outside of school?

Mrs.Briggs: In my free time I spend lots of time with my family. We play lots of games (not just video games). My dogs get a lot of my attention. They love to go for walks, and one of them is a little obsessed with his ball!  Right now I am focusing on pottery. It’s a messy, but fun hobby.  I also love to travel and explore new places. 

Question 8. Do you do art at home?

Mrs. Briggs: Yes, I do art at home. I find it very relaxing. I mostly draw, paint and pottery. 

Question 9.  Are you excited to go back to teaching in in-person again?

Mrs. Briggs: Yes, I am excited to go back to teaching again. I miss seeing all of my students in person, and seeing what they are working on in class.

Question 10. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Mrs. Briggs: One thing people don’t know about me is that I make outrageous birthday cakes for my kids. We don’t do big birthday parties in our family, but I do make sure they have a super cool cake. I guess that would be considered another type of art that I do at home!

I’m glad Mrs. Briggs got back to us and we got to hear about her life teaching from home. I think it gave us a better perspective from a teacher’s point of view. She has a hard job trying to teach students art over Zoom, but she is trying to make the best of it. Yes, this year has been tough, but if we all try our best in school then we can get through it together. 

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